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Christopher Robbins, 

Medical Herbalist.

I engage in several activities that might interest you.

Herbal medicine

I practise herbal medicine in my own health centre in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire (UK). I am a qualified medical herbalist and have worked in health for 43 years, the last 23 as a medical herbalist. My professional body is the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy.(MCPP).

I have also taught herbal medicine at British Universities in London and to home users through adult education.

Ross Herbal & Natural Health Centre

The Health Centre is my main practice location. I work there with other practitioners  (acupuncture, counselling, hypnotherapy, massage, nutrition, physiotherapy). We work closely together as a team. We are complementary rather than alternative, meaning we work closely with doctors to find the best therapy or combination for each patient.


I have taught here and there around the UK and in different institutions from schools to universities for 40 years. I teach Professional and lay herbalists, and run courses for everybody on home remedies, healthy eating, wild food foraging, herbal walks, fungi etc.

I write books on health and consumer issues and have been a print and broadcast journalist, as well as having written columns in magazines and newspapers.

About me

I am an Australian but have lived in the UK since 1973. I have qualifications from Universities in Australia and the UK, in plant sciences, teaching, & in herbal medicine.

I have worked in agricultural research, food and health planning in Africa and in the UK, and have researched and trained personnel of both public and private institutions in food policy and planning.
  Centella asiatica, a vegetable in asia and valuable herbal medicine

Christopher Robbins, BAgrSc; MPhil; PGCE; RPHEA; MCPP

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